Module Brief

Design and construct a simple CG biped for the purpose of animation. Your design and workflows should take into account industry standards in construction of digital models.
You may start your construction of your model only after you final design has been submitted for assessment and approval in Week 3 and added to your module blog

Week3 Submission Monday 9th October.

Your development work submission in Week 3 should contain:
  • Character Research (at least 3 x A4 sheets of research material influencing your design)
  • 5 x character sheets of developmental character design (at least 2 of sheets should be of your final design and show character poses, expressions and colour studies.)
  • 2 x Character Model Reference Drawings in the T pose in the front and side views.
All your research and design work should be digitised and uploaded to your blog for assessment in Week 3. The 2 final character design sheets should contain poses and expressions relevant to your character and an indication of colour and textures to be used.

Week 12 Final Submission  Friday 12th January

What do I submit and how?
  • You are expected to submit the final version of  you Character Build Maya. This should include a Maya scene file, including texture maps in an appropriately structured Maya project.
  • This means it should contain the standard folders i.e. scenes, textures and images etc created by Maya. Your final scene must be clearly marked as “final version for grading”, and should not contain previous unfinished versions.
  • At least three images must be rendered. The main composition must contain the entire figure, and the other two model details or different angles . These final rendered images should be uploaded to your blog and clearly labeled/annotated and should be intended to show you model in the best light.
  • You are not expected to submit any animation, but you are expected to submit a fully rendered turnaround movie of your model.
  • Your submission must be entirely digital. This includes your learning report (annotated blog) and any paper based designs (any relevant designs from your sketches should be scanned and up loaded to your blog and clearly labeled/annotated).
  • Your annotated blog should contain regular weekly posts, reflecting on the process of your model build and documenting your insights as you attempt to build a character model to a high professional standard.
  • You are expected to make your submission digitally via SOLE on Friday the 12th of January 2018 and email me a link to your blog.
You will be assessed not just on the quality of your Maya modelling work but also on the content and quality of your blog. Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Is my blog well annotated so that someone not familiar with my work is can follow my process?
  2. Am I making regular posts (at least one a week)? 
  3. Am I reflecting on my process and documenting my insights, successes, failures and feelings as I progress through this module?
Submission Check List:
  1. Maya Project containing final character scene and textures.
  2. 3 rendered images of your model.
  3. 360 turnaround movie file of your model added to your blog via youtube or vimeo.
  4. Annotated blog containing regular weekly posts, reflecting on the process of your model build and documenting your insights.

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